Our Story

Ben and I knew we wanted to be dads from the moment we began dating. We both felt the call to fatherhood, but didn’t know immediately what kind of family we wanted to build. Because our options for parenthood aren’t as standard as most couples, we looked at a lot of different options. First, we realized that to be effective parents, we were going to need some experience. What better way to learn about parenthood than through trial and error? We wanted to be the best dads we could be. Foster parenting gave us the tools needed.

During our time as foster parents, we welcomed children into our home children with harrowing stories. Some stayed for a few days, others for a few months, and a couple for more than a year. It was such an incredible experience to see the children we took in, begin to trust, grow and become part of the family. We knew the most important thing we could provide these children was a safe place filled with good food and love. We learned so much about parenting and showing unconditional love and support to children who were hurting. It is our hope they can look back at the moments they lived in our home and can use those times as touchstones. They will always have the memory of being loved, nurtured and cared for.

We met our son as foster parents. He came to us hurting; feeling abandoned and rejected. He was very angry with the life he’d been torn from. It took some time to build trust and cooperation. Our greatest moment was the day we got to reveal that we were going to be his parents. He’d known he was getting ready to be placed back up for adoption. He was relieved, and elated to find out that Ben and I were going to be his forever family. Jay is the center of our lives. He is surrounded by love, good food and opportunities to become the person he dreams of. We are better men because we were blessed with the oopportunity to be Jay’s dads.

Our Organization

OFFF is a grassroots coalition of foster families, child advocates and community leaders committed to raising awareness about the crisis facing foster families and children in their care.(We are a 501C4 non-for-profit social welfare organization.)